Mobile Digital Video Recorder (MDVR)

An advanced Mobile Digital Video Recorder (MDVR) by Fleet Board Technologies is the most trusted name when it comes to ensuring the safety of school children while commuting through School buses. Owing to the advanced GPS technology and innovative spirit of Fleet Board team, the MDVR so designed has been the most sophisticated digital video system development for the school buses in India. The fact that our flagship product Fleet Board has been the only product in GPS Tracking category to get a patent from India makes us the best in offering GPS technology based solutions. MDVR is the result of our creative and solution-centric approach whereby we identified the problems faced by schools and parents in context of school-kids commutation by school bus.

We also offer customized solutions with MDVR in sync with the varied needs of schools or colleges and our team is capable of building the most comprehensive system and service to fit your budget.

Our MDVR systems range from 1 to 4 cameras, with a variety of video storage configurations from solid state to the largest hard drives available.

GPS based Vehicle Tracking and Management Solutions
GPS based Vehicle Tracking and Management Solutions

This MDVR comes with Fleet Board GPS Technologies’ signature of trust and is preferred for its reliability, durability, and low maintenance. Our MDVR can even withstand the temperature fluctuations offers many innovative features like camera tampering detection and problem notification streamline management. Investing in MDVR will help you to achieve a trustworthy and effective on-board video surveillance.

Technical Specifications of MDVR
  • 4 Hl080P Wi-Fi SOMobile OVR (Minisize) Model: IDI080PSD.
  • High video quality based on the H.264 High Profile.
  • 1080P High Definition resolution recording. The resolution for each channel is 1920xl080.
  • Compact size, much easier for installation.
  • Supports WIFI (AP & Client) with 802.11/b/g/n (300Mbps).
  • Support from 8 VDC to 32 VDC.
  • Provides each camera with stable +12VDC power.
  • Capable of detecting the short cut on power circuit.
  • Helps in using ignition to control the power.
  • Programmable power timer after ignition is off.
  • Assist automatic record, event trigger record, schedule record etc.
  • Supports recording speed with audio and video.
  • Supports over speed Alarm.
  • Supports 3 sensors, can record brake, return, right turn, left turn light status into the record file.
  • Videoformat: AVI, Support FAT 32 file system, record file can be read directly on Windows, Linux.
  • Supports Max 256 GB SD card.
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