Additional Features

A range of accessories for additional features such as engine blocking, Image Capturing Camera, Door Sensor, Panic Button, Lid Sensor, 2 Way Communication and RFID etc.

Easier Installation

Accessories designed to simplify Fleet Board installation process.

GPS based Vehicle Tracking and Management Solutions
Temperature Sensor

Fleet Board Temperature Sensors are designed for measuring the temperature of the cargo and the refrigerators. The sensors operate with an accuracy of ±0.5℃ in the temperature range from -40℃ to +120℃ ±0.5℃. The sensor housing is IP67 certified, ensuring its durability despite various harsh working environments.

GPS based Vehicle Tracking and Management Solutions

Installing a Fleet Board device can be difficult. To make it easier and more professional, we have made a small gadget for connecting multiple accessories to the tracking device. It is called EasyWires, will increase the quality of the installation, reduce installation errors and save 20 minutes per each device installation. With this accessory, even beginners can perform a professional installation.

GPS based Vehicle Tracking and Management Solutions
Door Sensor

The Door Sensors record door opening and closing events, which are transmitted to the monitoring system. The device is easily installed, is reliable and is often used for monitoring opening-closing events in refrigerated semi-trailers. The door sensors are perfectly adapted for the protection of cargo against third party actions & natural forces.

GPS based Vehicle Tracking and Management Solutions
Two Way Communication

The free hand trans receiver is designed for maintaining voice communication between driver and manager. The device does not require an additional SIM card and is connected by the plug & play method.

GPS based Vehicle Tracking and Management Solutions
Panic Button

The Panic button increases the safety of the vehicle, the driver and the cargo. In case of an emergency, the driver can quickly send an emergency message to the manager. The message is received in the monitoring and control system or by SMS.

GPS based Vehicle Tracking and Management Solutions
RFID Reader

The RFID is a card and a small reader designed for driver identification. Security passes already implemented in your company can be used. The RFID reader shows who used the vehicle, when and who was in charge of it. It is possible to block the vehicle’s engine and notify the driver by an audio signal without completing the identification.

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