Fleet Board TM65 GPS Vehicle Tracker
GPS Service

Fleet Board Track Master (TM-65) GPS Vehicle Tracker is a highly advanced GPS Tracker for all types of heavy vehicles – trucks, buses, agriculture, mining, construction vehicles and other special machinery. It is designed to track and monitor vehicles parameter and perform advanced tasks like monitor driver behaviorfuel monitoring etc.

Fleet Board TM65 GPS Vehicle Tracker is water-resistant high-value tracking device from BlackboxGPS Technologies that brings the benefit of power-packed performance for vehicle owners with its advanced GPS vehicle tracking and communication solutions. Fleet Board TM65 GPS Vehicle Tracker comes with certified dual and quad band integrated platforms and is the most trusted name for fleet owners who desire to receive real-time updates about their vehicle’s whereabouts, distance travelled, fuel consumption and many other significant alerts about vehicle’s repair and maintenance status.

Being water resistant, Fleet Board TM65 GPS Vehicle Tracker has long life and is known for its durability and sturdy performance. Vehicle owners, along with peace of mind, get regular updates through our exclusive Fleet Board App as well through enhanced SMS or UDP messaging which acts a reliable communications link between the vehicle and the owner. Investing in Fleet Board TM65 is meant to increase ROI by reducing the cost of operations, fuel overheads and other accidental costs which can be avoided due to Fleet Board excellent field reliability.

The device communicates using GSM (2G) networks.

Fleet Board Track Master (TM 65) GPS Vehicle Tracker Functionalities
  • Real Time data from GPS, Accelerometer etc.
  • Driver Behaviour Monitoring (Eco-Drive)
  • Fuel Monitoring
  • Temperature Monitoring
  • Vehicle Mobilization
  • Image Capturing Facilities
  • AC On/Off
  • Lid Close/Open
  • Geo Fencing
  • Ignition On/Off
  • Two Way Communication
  • Panic Button
  • RFID Communication
GPS Service
GPS Module L86 Quectel
Battery Internal Li-Po 1050 mAh
Digital Inputs 6 inputs
Analogue Inputs 2 inputs
Digital Outputs 2 outputs
Micro controler ATmega128A
RS232 / RS485 2 x RS232 1 x RS485
Internal Memory 4 MB (up to 32 GB)
Accelerometer 3 axes
Firmware Configuration Over the air GPRS, USB or SMS
GSM Antenna Internal
Power Supply 10 - 32 V DC
Operating Temperature -35 +55 ℃
Size 111 x 75 x 25 mm
IP Protection Level IP65 (Dust & Water resistant)
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