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Fleet Management Software by Fleet Board Technologies is the most trusted name when it comes to ensuring the safety of human life and vehicle life. Our Fleet Management Software makes easy to handle with freedom from paper work, ideal for all types of fleets. You can Access your FMS account from any internet capable device. Quickly enter data on the go with our mobile version.

About Fleet Management Software Qatar
Track, Analyze and Improve Your Fleet Operations With FMS

Fleet Management Software is a software used by government, company or other organisation that enables people to accomplish a series of specific tasks in the management of any or all aspects relating to a fleet of vehicles. The Primary function of Fleet Management Software is to gather, store, process, monitor, report and export information.

  • Better Fleet Planning
  • Better Fuel Management
  • Better Customer Service
  • Save Time
  • Manage From Anywhere
  • Increase in Revenue
  • Increase in Employee Performance
  • Increase in Productivity

Everything you need to manage your fleet, whether you have 10 or 10000 vehicles.

GPS based Vehicle Tracking and Management Solutions
Save Time

Fleet Management Software (FMS) helps you spend less time on fleet-related tasks and more on your business. It couldn’t be easier to access data, log records or run reports.

Save Money

Fleet Management Software (FMS) pays for itself and much more. Easily identify inefficient vehicles and ensure that you never miss a scheduled maintenance.


Fleet operations are all about shared responsibilities. Fleet Management Software (FMS) comes with unlimited users, so you can easily collaborate with everyone involved.

Manage From Anywhere

Access your Fleet Management Software (FMS) account from any internet capable device. Quickly enter data on the go with our mobile version.

Make Better Decisions

Great data is your key to smart decisions. With powerful reporting tools and analytics, we completely remove guesswork from the equation.

Enjoy Great Support

Our customer service is the best in the business. We value user feedback, and provide a number of ways for you to get in touch.

FMS makes it easy to track, analysis and operate the fleet, anywhere.... anytime
Manage Vehicles

Maintain the records of all vehicle on the basis of Make and Type of vehicle, Date of Purchase or Sales, Maintenance cost, Income revenue, details of Driver assigned on each vehicle.

Manage Employee

Manage the overall employee’s records example – Basic details, No of employees, Departments, Experience, License renewal, Salary / Advance taken, No of hours worked, Hiring date etc.

Manage Orders

Manage Booking orders as Load based, Quantity based, Kilometer based, Trip based with Consignee detail, Freight detail, Expenditure and Status report.

Tyre Inventory

All the tyre related records like tyres life (in kms), Tyres serial number, warranty, Unit price, Purchase date, Manufacturer, Typr position etc. will get update.

Manage Customers

Manage customers full record, Customers detail, Revenue Generated, hours worked.

Manage Suppliers

Manage supplier Full detail, Purchase / Sale record, credit record.

Trip Analysis

Trip start date, Trip start place, Trip end date, Trip end place, Drivers detail, Distance covered.

Renewal Reminders

Exact updates for renewal / due date of National Permit, Pollution, Driving license etc.

Fuel Management

Per vehicle wise / total vehicles fuel management, Fuel filled, Amount paid, Distance covered, Mileage, Cost of running per kilometer.

Service Reminders

Update the service records of all the fleets individually. Reminders for Due date, Parts / Oil replacement etc. per vehicle.

Repair & Maintenance

Manage repair & Maintenance record per day / per month of all vehicles like Repair date, Cost of repair, Repair place.


GPS based Vehicle Tracking and Management Solutions
Better Fleet Planning

Plan your fleet in a better way with Maintenance & Renewal Scheduling, Quick Data Entry, Email Alerts. Powerful reporting system that gives fleet managers detailed information to make the right decision about how best to use their fleet.

GPS based Vehicle Tracking and Management Solutions
Better Customer Service

With a comprehensive, up-to-date Help Center, our aim is to make it easy to manage a fleet, and we believe that takes more than just providing great software.

GPS based Vehicle Tracking and Management Solutions
Increase in Employee Performance

Improving the efficiency of employees / drives with automation of vehicle service reminders, renewal reminders, tyre management and fuel management.

GPS based Vehicle Tracking and Management Solutions
Better Fuel Management

Fleet Management System (FMS) provides a range of reports for monitoring fuel consumption. However, the key to reducing fuel and maintenance costs is to improve driver behaviour. Vehicles that are driven well perform more efficiently and require less maintenance result saving in fuel.

GPS based Vehicle Tracking and Management Solutions
Increase in Revenue

Less man power, less wear and tear OF TYRES AND PARTS, less wastage of money due to timely scheduled reminders, results increase in revenue.

GPS based Vehicle Tracking and Management Solutions
Increase in Productivity

Improve your productivity by knowing your optimum fleet size and best use of each unit while operating within the economic life cycle of the equipment to ensure that your equipment is running at its best.

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