Global Positioning System for Vehicle Tracking
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Global Positioning System for Vehicle Tracking

The fleet manager has among his tasks an efficient fleet control. For this, nothing better than to make use of vehicle tracking technology and GPS satellite tracking for vehicles of any type. The specialized software for the GPS satellite tracking is ideal to see the movement of the flotilla on a map, in real time, and to take action immediately.

Benefits of Installing a GPS Vehicle Tracking System
Fleet managers benefit greatly from satellite tracking technology for fleet control, as they have the ability to measure variables that would otherwise be impossible. Among the advantages they possess when applying satellite tracking by GPS for fleets, are the following:

  • Create efficient workplans.
  • Generate optimal routes. This results in the optimization of vehicle use and fuel consumption.
  • Work histories of each of the vehicles.
  • Real-time satellite tracking.
  • Alerts for speeding, opening doors, excessive fuel consumption, panic button. among other.
  • Custom reports for each vehicle.
  • Temperature sensor, for vehicles that need to maintain the cold chain of the products they transport.
  • Fuel control sensor.
  • Driver fatigue detection sensor to prevent accidents.
  • Creation of geocercas and work zones. When a vehicle leaves them, an instant alert is received to the cell phone and to the email of the person in charge of the fleet.
  • Installation of cameras with GPS and video transmission in real time.

Apart from saving money to increase productivity, we share 5 reasons why GPS vehicle tracking can benefit your business.

Improve security : In addition to helping to promote safer driving habits (providing data on all aspects of how the vehicle is driven), fleet managers also know exactly where a vehicle is located when it requires assistance. If the vehicle has broken down or is in an emergency situation, managers can send roadside assistance to help their driver.

Minimize fuel costs : No one can control the price of fuel, but one of the best benefits of GPS tracking systems is the ability to observe the fuel consumption of a vehicle. Monitoring software helps reduce the amount of money being spent in this area by eliminating inactive driving times, driver speeding and unauthorized use.

Theft Recovery : If one of your vehicles is stolen a GPS tracking system is the best tool for any fleet company to retrieve it. You are notified with alerts and map data to help identify if the vehicle has been stolen and to inform authorities of your location to allow for a speedy recovery.

Reduce operational costs : Using GPS tracking software allows fleet managers to see which routes are being used and whether they are inefficient or if a vehicle is being used for unauthorized purposes. The use of Blackbox (fleet management system), apart from helping with problems on the road, provides specific details of the hours that drivers have worked.

Increase Productivity : Due to the ability to track the hours of driving worked, it also allows fleet managers to make better use of an employee’s time. GPS tracking software shows exactly where your drivers are at all times and keeps track of what they are doing as well as the work they have completed.

There are many other different elements of Vehicle Tracking System that can help improve your business. However, it is clear that time and money can be better used resources and our technologies can help drivers realize their full potential. The technology at the service of fleet control is ideal for fleet managers to have a tool that allows them to increase productivity, reduce unnecessary costs and make the fleet of vehicles of the company profitable.