Benefits of Fuel Monitoring System
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Benefits of Fuel Monitoring System

Fuel is the biggest overhead expense in many industries. In fact, it is not just the fleet and logistic companies that lose on their efficiency and profitability in case their vehicles show bad performance of fuel efficiency parameters; many types of business houses get affected with rising fuel overhead. So can they find a solution with the help of GPS enabled Fuel Monitoring System? The answer is a big YES!

BlackBox GPS Technologies is India’s leading GPS technology solution-provider focusing on customized solutions in sync with industry needs. The company has innovated by introducing to Indian customers their flagship product BlackBox which comes with Fuel Monitoring System and gets strengthened with company’s Fleet Management Software.

Before we discuss the best features of BlackBox and its technology, it is important to know that Fuel Monitoring System has been a big step towards easing the worries of Fleet companies which have been facing a big challenge in the form of Fuel Theft.

BlackBox, owing to its advanced GPS Technology, keeps a track of fuel fed in to the fuel tank of each vehicle. There is an electronic fuel tank gauging system within BlackBox that monitors the fuel tank level. It sends an alert every time the fuel tank lid is opened! So in case you are facing the problem of dishonest drivers who are stealing the fuel in between the journey, installing BlackBox is the best solution.

The best part of BlackBox’s Fuel Monitoring System is that it can be synced with BlackBox GPS Technology’s Fleet Management Software. This means that the company owners will get detailed reports about every aspect of fueling – last filled, how many liters filled, how many liters consumed, fuel tank lid opening date and location etc etc – every fact and figure gets displayed on your desktop or even on your Smartphone through this Fleet Management Software. You can ask for customized reports that disclose full information about fuel stock levels, received stock and the amount of fuel consumed by different vehicles during a particular journey.

This will not only help you monitor and manage the fuel efficiency of different vehicles but also keep a check on fuel theft. The next step in this direction is to investigate the reasons of poor fuel efficiency. BlackBox and Fleet Management Software can be a big help in that as well.